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I am working on morphing C++ into Javascript and I would like to write a macro function that does the following:

function (x, y, z, ...)
[=] (var a, var b, var x, var y, var z, ...) -> Object

Basically that would be:

function() -> "[=] (var a, var b) -> Object"
function(x) -> "[=] (var a, var b, var x) -> Object"
function(x, y) -> "[=] (var a, var b, var x, var y) -> Object"

It does not have to be variadic, if that can work for a fixed number of elements that works for me. Also if an compiler extension is required, I'm good with it.

For information my current macro is the following

#define function(...) [=] (var a, var b, ##__VA_ARGS__) -> Object

I tried to look for macro tricks but I can't find something that matches what I need.


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You could have a look into P99. It uses variadic macros as of C99 for all sorts of code unrolling.

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It is scary what you can do with the Boost preprocessor library. It can probably even handle that@!

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