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I am using this https://github.com/nuxusr/Node.js---Amazon-S3 for uploading files to s3 :

in test-s3-upload.js i had commented mostly tests because they was giving some error , as my goal is to upload the file to s3 so i keep only testUploadFileToBucket() test and while running node test.js gives ok.

but when i check in s3 fox the uploaded file is not being shown. why file is not uploaded?

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Use knox instead. https://github.com/learnboost/knox

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Have a look at this project and especially the bin/amazon-s3-upload.js file so you can see how we're doing it using AwsSum:

It takes a bucket name and a filename and will stream the file up to S3 for you:

$ ./amazon-s3-upload.js -b your-bucket -f the-file.txt

Hope that helps. :)

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