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What is the best method to deep clone objects in actionscript?

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The best method to do this is by using the ByteArray with the method writeObject. Like this:

function clone(source:Object):* {
    var copier:ByteArray = new ByteArray();
    copier.position = 0;

More information about this, here:;=77

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I'm not sure if that deep clones something. I remember testing something like this ages ago. It works, but if you have something like a Vector of objects, then you'll end up with a new Vector with the same objects in it in the clone – divillysausages Apr 27 '11 at 8:05
If you can show me how this not works or another solution which works better, then it is much welcomed :) – rzetterberg Apr 27 '11 at 8:07
Ok, I just tested it here and it works, ignore my previous comment. You'll need to use registerClassAlias() on your class if you want to retain type safety though. Both on the class itself and on any classes inside it. E.g. if you have a class TestClass that holds a Vector of Sprites, you'll need to call registerClassAlias() on TestClass as well as Sprite otherwise you'll return an Object with Vector of Objects that have all the properties of Sprites – divillysausages Apr 27 '11 at 8:34
Alright, thanks for the info! – rzetterberg Apr 27 '11 at 8:40
You can do this in the clone() for the object itself by calling getQualifiedClassName() on the object to get the classname, then getDefinitionByName( className ) as Class to get the class. For any internal class, you could create an interface IClonable or something that returns a list of classnames with classes. Then in your clone() function, you can see is it an IClonable, then call registerClassAlias() on it's list – divillysausages Apr 27 '11 at 8:41

If you are trying to deep clone a display object, this is the only way it worked for me :

     public static function clone(target:DisplayObject ):DisplayObject      {
                var bitmapClone:Bitmap = null;          
                var bitmapData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(target.width,target.height,true,0x00000000);
                bitmapClone = new Bitmap(bitmapData);
                bitmapClone.smoothing = true;           
                return bitmapClone;

Note that this will only copy visually the object.It will not copy methods or properties. I used this when i loaded external images, and used them in multiple places.

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