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Hey there is a link in my program as shown and onclick it calls the function clearform as shown:

Html Code:

<a class="button" href="Cancel" style="left: 55%;" onclick="clearForm()">Cancel</a>

JavaScript Code:

function clearForm(){
        document.getElementById("subjectName").value = "";
        return false;

return false is not working in this code. actually the first line of the function executed successfully but the return false was failed. I mean page is redirected to url "Cancel".

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Change your code as

<a class="button" href="Cancel" onclick="return clearForm()">Cancel</a>
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kk thanks that worked. –  codeomnitrix Apr 27 '11 at 7:32
Glad that helped you. –  Vijay Apr 27 '11 at 10:29
This does not stop the default action if clearForm() has a javascript error. See my answer below for bullet-proof method. –  mrbinky3000 Feb 7 '12 at 15:35

Your problem is you need to return the Boolean.

But, drop all that...

  • Attach your event unobtrusively...

    element.onclick = clearForm;

  • Use preventDefault(). It is the modern way of acheiving that.

    function clearForm(event) { event.preventDefault(); }

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+1 For suggesting to stop using inline event handlers. –  kapa Apr 27 '11 at 7:28
kk thanks alex i will try that. –  codeomnitrix Apr 27 '11 at 7:34
@bazmegakapa: sometimes they are needful –  codeomnitrix Apr 27 '11 at 7:34
@code Needful? Can you elaborate on that? –  alex Apr 27 '11 at 7:37
@codeomnitrix I cannot think of a case when an inline event handler would be the best solution. –  kapa Apr 27 '11 at 7:40
<a class="button" href="Cancel" style="left: 55%;" onclick="clearForm();return false;">Cancel</a>

should work

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Please note that if there is a bug or error in clearForm() then "return false" will NOT stop the anchor action and your browser will try to link to the href "Cancel". Here is the logic:

  1. User clicks on anchor
  2. onClick fires clearForm()
  3. There is an error in clearForm() so Javascript crashes and stops all code execution.
  4. return false is never fired because Javascript has already stopped.

If you are relying on a third party JavaScript API (I was using code supplied by Recyclebank to spawn a popup), and the third party API makes an update that breaks the JavaScript, then you'll have problems.

The following will stop the link under normal conditions and error conditions.

<a class="button" href="javascript:;" style="left: 55%;" onclick="clearForm();return false;">Cancel</a>
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Keep in mind that some browser extensions may interfere with proper operation of links. For example, I ran into a situation where someone had both AdBlock Plus and Ghostery enabled. Clicking a simple 'a' tag with an 'onclick="return SomeFunction();"' attribute (the function returned false) caused the browser to treat the click as a page transition and went to a blank page and the loading indicator just kept spinning. Disabling those browser extensions cleared up the problem.

Including this as an answer because this was the first page I landed on from Google.

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