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I have Hibernate entity that I have to convert to JSON, and I have to translate some values in entity, but when I translate values, these values are instantly saved to database, but I don't want to save these changes to database. Is there any workaround for this porblem?

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You can detach an entity by calling Session.evict().

Other options are create a defensive copy of your entity before translation of values, or use a DTO instead of the entity in that code. I think these options are more elegant since they don't couple conversion to JSON and persistence layer.

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In case of JPA, you can use: EntityManager.detach(object) –  Christian Müller Jan 13 '14 at 13:48

Close the Session. That will detach your entity for you, and no modifications will be flushed. If that's not possible, look into disabling autoFlush...but that's a whole other can of worms. The easiest is to close the Session and be done with it!

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I am also converting hibernate entities to JSON.

The bad thing when you close the session you cannot lazy load objects. For this reason you can use


and close the session after when you're done with the JSON.

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