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I have an application embedding google maps. Works fine. Some users are behind a firewall with very restricted access to the rest of the world.

Does anyone know of a valid list of dns-names/ip-addresses used by the google maps api? I can see what dns-names it loads from in firebug's net panel. But it feels a bit unsafe to use just them. Is there a such list that I can add to the firewalls whitelist?



I spoke to someone who was working at the maps-team at google. And he said that it's not possible since the ip addresses changes since the maps service is split over a whole range over servers.

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As I see in Chrome's console there are 3 servers that Google Maps are using right now:

  • mt0.google.com (ew-in-f100.1e100.net)
  • mt1.google.com (ew-in-f102.1e100.net)
  • maps.gstatic.com (ew-in-f104.1e100.net)

As you can see all of them are in 1e100.net domain.

1e100 equals1 googol ;)

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