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How do I do the following in Wicket 1.5?

page.getRequestCycle().setRequestTarget(new RedirectRequestTarget(""+ _apiKey + "&v=1.0"));

I want to do a Facebook application using Wicket 1.5, and I want at some point to redirect the user to the Facebook login page. A lot has changed as highlighted in Migrating to Wicket 1.5.

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Using HTTP 302 ("Moved Temporarily"):

import org.apache.wicket.request.flow.RedirectToUrlException;
throw new RedirectToUrlException(
    ""+ _apiKey + "&v=1.0");

Using HTTP 301 ("Moved Permanently", SEO friendly):

import org.apache.wicket.request.flow.RedirectToUrlException;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse;
throw new RedirectToUrlException(
    ""+ _apiKey + "&v=1.0", 
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See org.apache.wicket.request.cycle.RequestCycle.scheduleRequestHandlerAfterCurrent(IRequestHandler) and org.apache.wicket.request.http.handler.RedirectRequestHandler.RedirectRequestHandler(String)

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thanks Martin-g. this bit worked but I had to go back to wicket 1.4.17 cz I want to get this app working asap the I will migrate to 1.5 fully! – Laban Okune Anunda Apr 28 '11 at 6:16

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