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I'm currently making a cost analysis on a project and I'm not really skilled in Excel.
Here's my problem.
I have a cell A7 (sheet 1) where the amount of months is calculated.
I have a cell F34 (sheet 1) where the total cost needs to be

The total cost is cost month 1 + cost month 2 + ... + cost month (value cell A7)
I solved this by making a table that has the total summarized cost sorted by month
This is A7 through A126 of sheet: StorageMonthlySheet.

Now I want a formula in cell F34 that does something like this:

=valueofcell StorageMonthlySheet!A [ "valueofcell Sheet1!A7" ]

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If i read what your after correctly;

This will return the value from the cell in StorageMonthlySheet's column A with the row number from Sheet1, column A7

=INDIRECT("StorageMonthlySheet!A" & INDIRECT("Sheet1!A7", TRUE), TRUE)
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this worked, although the , should be a ; thank you very much –  peanut Apr 27 '11 at 11:44
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