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I have a SharePoint website with menus and everything. I want to know what JavaScript function is called when I click an item. How to know that? Is there any tool to trace javascript functions called? I use IE Thanks a lot

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IE version? Open up developer tools in IE (F12). – Stephen Chung Apr 27 '11 at 9:54

I know this may not be the best help as you are not a chrome/firefox user. However, if you do chose to switch over, the Google Chrome browser has a script checker built in, which catches everything that you want to console.log().

This is simular with Firefox, however, firefox you have to download the addon "fire-bug" which can do the same, but it does not come pre-installed.

IE has an inbuilt 'program' called developer tools, which could be what you want, however I believe this came in through the later stages of IE such as IE 8+ (don't quote me on that)

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Additionally Chrome Dev tools allow your to set breaks on Event Listeners (side bar of scripts page) so you can step through the handles attached to that event. – JaredMcAteer Apr 27 '11 at 13:40

You can use debugbar to inspect HTML element and also find what JavaScript function is called, then you can use Microsoft debugger, to put a breakpoint into the function and debug.

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