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I have a web site that includes photo gallery of every users submission and all the photo can be share on Facebook and twitter. I just want know if its possible to track back how many people actually shared for each photos. I just used share.php?myurl for sharing.

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I have some problems with this. I use the javascript api... and graph api (php)

to share the article I use

FB.ui({method:'feed', link:''});

When I post the article... I see in facebook correctly added... with link... image... all is OK.

But when I try to retrieve the count share of this article I use php (@zaw, maybe you can use this method too):

But I see zero count.

But... When I share this URL using directly... works fine... the count updates.

Why I using FB.ui ? because this method have javascript method to listen if the post are complete...

Anybody knows the way to get correctly the share count ?

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this doesn't seem like an answer... – Spooks Jul 27 '11 at 14:41

The following code was worked fine for me

            method: 'stream.share',
            href: 'your url',

for checking share or likes count, if you use special characters like '?', '=' (query string in yoururl) use"urlencode"php function.


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