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Good morning, please, how can I get anonymous profile for not current user? Profile for register users I can get with:

profile = (ProfileCommon)ProfileBase.Create(user.UserName);

But, for anonymous users? (class in App_Code)

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Thanks for reply, but I want some like this, this working fine:

user = Membership.GetUser(new Guid(item["UserID"].ToString()));
if (user == null)
        // anonymous profile
        profil = (ProfileCommon)ProfileBase.Create(item["UserID"].ToString());
        // hey! I know you!
        profil = (ProfileCommon)ProfileBase.Create(user.UserName);

Thanks again :)

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Don't personally like the inbuilt profile stuff myself but I believe once compiled you can use:


This doesn't work within static methods or if using seperate class libraries for that I think you'd need:


I don't know if there are options for retrieving anonymous profiles though as you'd need some way of identify which profile you were trying to retrieve.

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odetocode.com/articles/440.aspx contains some information relating to migrating anonymous users which may provide more help. –  Mark Apr 27 '11 at 12:19

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