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I want to know the abbreviations for the TIME ZONES that are available in the Windows OS....(i.e) i need abbreviations for the time zones that are listed in the windows DATE AND TIME PROPERTIES?

Can anybody provide some link where i can get the abbreviations for the time zones.

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I don't get any abbreviations in the Date and Time control panel applet on my current system, but it sounds like you're after a list like the one on Wikipedia, which lists many of the abbreviations, as well as information like name, and UTC offset.

I don't believe these abbreviations are held within the operating system (after all, there is no one to one mapping), so these wouldn't be available programmatically beyond building your own look up.

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The accepted answer is not a true one-to-one mapping. To list the actual time zones available, you need to use tzutil utility provided on Windows.

Example below will save the full list of values to a file:

tzutil /l > C:/list_of_all_timezones.txt

Note that this will give you a listing for that particular version of Windows. Different releases as well as different language versions will yield different results.

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And, sadly, tzutil does not list abbreviations, but merely what is stored in the registry. –  Jesse Chisholm Jun 25 at 14:08
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