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I have a rewritten URL on my site for search purposes such as:


Obviously the different possibilites here are endless. Therefore, is there a way of putting something like the following in my web.sitemap?:


This way it'll map anything. Perhaps theres a RegEx way of doing it?

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To the best of my knowledge the default sitemap stuff in doesn't handle url rewriting very well but having worked on ASP.NET MVC sites I discovered this MVC site map provider:

I think it's likely that you will need to look at a custom site map provider for what you're trying to do if you're using WebForms.

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Depending on how your handling the routing/url rewriting you may only need to use the path to the actual file that handles the requests as I think internally the application may see the actual file path rather than the rewritten url. –  Mark Apr 27 '11 at 12:36

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