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OS : Windows 7 32 bit Developping Tool : Visual Studio 2008

Problem : When run at Windows 7 it's ok, but at XP there is assertion error at DEBUG mode, invisible grid control error at RELEASE mode. (like you can see it as pictures below)

Situation :

  • The grid control class, I used for the program, was downloaded from code-project. (I think I can't upload the file in stackoverflow? If you need it, plz tell me.)

  • I used to use this class in VS 6.0. It's my first time using it in VS 9.0. There was no error when I used it in VS 6.0.

  • There is no compiling error when I compile the program in Windows 7 and XP.

  • On Windows 7, it runs well both at DEBUG and RELEASE mode.

  • On Windows XP, running exe file in the DEBUG folder gives an assertion error. And when I run exe file in the RELEASE folder, the grid control doesn't show up.

  • And I also tried to compile on XP with Visual Studio to see if there is any error, but it only gives run-time error.

Error :

Debug Assertion Failed! Program : ... File : .../gridctrl_src/gridcell.cpp Line : 228

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C+ documentation on asserts.

The below is gridcell.cpp source code at the error line.

// CGridDefaultCell

#ifdef _WIN32_WCE
    m_crFgClr = CLR_DEFAULT;
    m_crBkClr = CLR_DEFAULT;
    m_Size    = CSize(30,10);
    m_dwStyle = 0;

#ifdef _WIN32_WCE
    LOGFONT lf;
    GetObject(GetStockObject(SYSTEM_FONT), sizeof(LOGFONT), &lf);
#else // not CE
    ncm.cbSize = sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS);

Thank you in advance!!

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I encountered the same issue with CGridCtrl while porting a project from VC6 to VS2012.

In your project set _WIN32_WINNT to the lowest target platform you want your application to support. That's 0x0501 for XP SP1. No code changes should be required in CGridDefaultCell.

Related discussion on MSDN

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Answer my own question...

SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS, ...) problem

// Initially use the system message font for the GridCtrl font
        ncm.cbSize = sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS);
#if (WINVER >= 0x0600)
        ncm.cbSize -= 4; //<== ADD HERE!! 
        BOOL f = SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETNONCLIENTMETRICS,sizeof(NONCLIENTMETRICS), &ncm, 0);

            memcpy (&m_LogFont, &ncm.lfMessageFont, sizeof (LOGFONT));
            m_LogFont.lfHeight = -MulDiv (11, dc.GetDeviceCaps (LOGPIXELSY), 72);
            m_LogFont.lfWeight = FW_NORMAL;
            m_LogFont.lfOutPrecision = OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
            m_LogFont.lfClipPrecision = CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS;
            m_LogFont.lfQuality = DEFAULT_QUALITY;
            m_LogFont.lfPitchAndFamily = DEFAULT_PITCH | FF_DONTCARE;
            m_LogFont.lfCharSet = ANSI_CHARSET;
            _tcscpy (m_LogFont.lfFaceName, _T ("Courier New"));
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