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I have recently uploaded my flex applicaiton on server, it works fine on my system (localhost) but on the production server it tries to access http://localhost/crossdomain.xml which is not available and end up showing "loading" eternally.

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Check your code and see if anywhere you are referencing localhost url.Like,for instance you might be using a localhost url for a httpservice call.

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To add to this, try not to use 'absolute' url paths, always use relative when possible, as in <HTTPService url="someDir/someFile.txt" />. This way it doesn't matter which server you deploy to, it will always use the current location of the html file that's serving your Flex app as the basis. –  J_A_X Apr 27 '11 at 15:04

I have a flex client communicating with a zend-framework based server. Client and Server are hosted on different computers (also on the same development computer with different url). What I had to do to make it work is as follows:

I had to edit the file \src\services\_Super_MyHttpService.as in my flex client's source code and update http url from http://localhost/ to http://SERVER_IP/ for variable called _serviceControl. Then compile the flex client.

I also put crossdomain.xml file in the server's root directory with content like:

<?xml verspion="1.0">
    <allow-access-from domain="CLIENT_IP"/>

Note: replace SERVER_IP, CLIENT_IP with the correct IP address where the server and flex clients are hosted respectively.

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