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How can I write a GUI LinkedList program by Java to push Image files instead of other data type items?

For the push instruction I wish to give the name of the image file to add it in to the LinkedList, and set the pop instruction to remove the image ?

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Come on, dude ... you just asked this. – mre Apr 27 '11 at 11:36
Just to prevent other questions: ArrayList, Vector, HashMap, TreeMap, HashSet, TreeSet .... any basic Java collection can accept objects of type ImageIcon. ;) – Thomas Apr 27 '11 at 11:40

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Yes LinkedList accepts Object

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You can use generic linked lists from java.util package for type safety.

LinkedList<Image> imageList = new LinkedList<Image>();

However to be able push by name, you need wrap it around in your own implementation class. And override the push method.

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As you can store any Object in a LinkedList you could either store the Filename as a String, the File Object or the ImageIcon Object in the list. Using genercis makes things easy:

List<String> fileAsString = new LinkedList<String>();
List<File> fileObject= new LinkedList<File>();
List<ImageIcon> imageIcon= new LinkedList<ImageIcon>();
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