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I have included a layout file file1.xml using in file.xml and included another layout file2.xml in file1.xml where file.xml is main layout , file1.xml is a layout with a listview in it and file2.xml is same as file1.xml but with different listview columns.

Now I got a button in file.xml, upon clicking that I am making the whole file.xml to View.GONE and displaying the file1.xml which is displaying the listview is working fine.

Now when I click a button in the file1.xml it has to display file2.xml but thats not happening.. if I make file1.xml to view.GONE file2.xml is getting displayed but the new listview is not getting displayed !!!

Will there be any problem on using two listviews one on another ??

When I use everything as intents the same code is working fine .. but when I am using all these in a single activity then I am encountering this problem..

Hope I am clear with my problem !!

Let me know if there are any errors regarding my problem .. Awaiting for a solution to this !!


Siva Kumar

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post your layouts. it should be trivial to do a onclicklistener that does if(view1.isvisible()) {view1.setvisibility(View.GONE);view2.setvisibility(view.visibble)} else {view2.setvisibility(View.gone);view1.setvisibility(view.visible);} –  jkhouw1 Apr 27 '11 at 11:43
its not the problem with visibility.. but with listview .. second listview is not getting displayed even after updating it.. –  Siva Kumar Apr 27 '11 at 11:53
Can u pls post your layouts and code –  jennifer Apr 27 '11 at 12:20

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