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The event is not triggered when container.Release is called, the following test always fails:

public void ComponentDestroyedEvent()
  var wasDestroyed = false;

  var container = new WindsorContainer()
      Component.For(typeof (Cat))
        .OnCreate((k, instance) => {
          k.ComponentDestroyed += (model, component) => {
            if (component == instance)
              wasDestroyed = true;

  var cat = container.Resolve<Cat>();


When is ComponentDestroyed event triggered?

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there is no decommission concern in this case, that's why ComponentDestroyed is never called. –  Mauricio Scheffer Apr 27 '11 at 21:00
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Mauricio is right - the event is not triggered for this component, because the component is not tracked and Windsor wouldn't have anything to do with it anyway.

In case when a component is tracked the event is raised as the last step of the pipeline, after all decommission steps were ran.

Windsor 3, when it comes out, has a OnDestroy method which takes a lambda and adds a decommission step thus forcing the component to be tracked, which means the code you put in there will be called upon release.

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Great, thanks for clearing things up. –  Gregor S. Apr 28 '11 at 7:00
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