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how are you all guys?

I want to sort(in ascending or descending order) a form fields through generator.yml in symfony. I mean I have 2 tables Events and Members. Relation between these two tables are many to many. What I want is that when I go to add/edit an event, members list should be sorted by their names.

I tried to use:

      actions: ~
        title:           { help: Title of the event ,label: Event Name *}
        event_datetime:  { help: Set the date and time of event ,label: Date time *}
        details:   { help: Details related to event ,label: Details *}
        venue_id:           { help: Select venue }
        is_visible:   { help: Select is visible or not}
        members_list:           { help: List of members }
        slug: { help: User Friendly URL,label: User Friendly URL }
      sort: [mmebers_list, asc]

But it does not work successfully. any suggestion please?


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Try Adding this to your schema.yml

      unique: true
      fields: [name]
      canUpdate: true
    orderBy: name ASC

This will sort all the members lists globally in your application

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I had a similar problem, but I use sfGuardUser plugin and I don't want to change their schema. I had to change action files and add:

public function executeNew(sfWebRequest $request)
    $sql = Doctrine_Query::create()->from('sfGuardUser u')->innerJoin("u.Profile p")->where('u.is_super_admin = ?',false)->orderBy('p.lastname');

You need to pass query which symfony use to get data to field.

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