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I have a Zend_Form called login.php in my zend project.

In controller I have

$request = $this->getRequest();
                    'username' => 'admin',
                    'password' => '111111',
        $values = $form->getValues();

I wonder how can I get values from this form? $form->getValues() will return a array? and how to get the username and password form it?

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      //Here is form->getValue() enabled
      echo $form->getValue('elementName');

getValue isn't available unti the form is valid

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another option:

$values = $form->getValues();

$username = $values['username'];
$password = $values['password'];

and if are using:


then you need to call the ElementBelongsTo string first.

$values = $form->getValues();

$username = $values['login']['username'];
$password = $values['login']['password'];
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