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I'm using Visual Studio C++ 2008 Express to learn a native API for a new project. What I'm wondering is: what productivity features present in the full version that you take for granted are missing from Visual Studio Express? I'm not referring to large "paid" features like MFC support - I'm thinking of small features (sometimes provided by Add Ins) like "Copy File to Output Dir"

Also, it doesn't have to be specific to C++ edition - that's just the exact release I happen to be using.

Note: I'm an experienced Java programmer and I most frequently use IntelliJ IDEA (disclaimer: that's just for reference - I'm not looking to compare VS vs. IDEA).

EDIT: Revised to include Add Ins that enhance the experience.

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If you plan to develop a C/C++ WIN32 GUI application then the major component that is missing is the resource editor (i.e. the GUI builder tool).

The express version will still compile resource files, but you will have to create the resource files by hand or use a third party resource editor.

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picked for crucial point - you can't edit Win 32 GUI apps with express edition! –  noahlz Mar 13 '09 at 19:25

The ability to use addins are sorely missed, for example Visual Assist, which is the productivity booster.

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I was all like "oh, let me google that for you", but Microsoft made life difficult indeed. Seems that Wikipedia is our best source at this moment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Visual_Studio_Express#Visual_C.2B.2B_Express

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