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I'm currently working on a website project in that hosts videos in many different languages. They are in a series of 12 videos so I'd like to be able to embed one video player on the web page and then be able to click a next button and the next video in the list would play. I'd also like to be able to do the save thing with a previous button as well. Also is there a way to play and pause the video with custom controls? I did some research on it and I found some answers in Javascript but then I went to the apple documentation and it said you can no longer use it due to security reasons.

Does anyone have any solutions for any of these? Preferably in C# but anything will help. Thanks!

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This should be doable using the code on apple's website. In fact, I just tried it using ordinary anchor hyperlinks to play and pause a movie. Works fine. Didn't try loading a new url, but it should work too. The security restriction only applies to calling javascript from a QuickTime movie. (Which btw can still be achived using an iframe).

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