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Sharepoint (Designer) 2007 is giving me troubles (again!) :

I'm setting a workflow that is bound to a list "List 1" and do this :

  • Create a new item in another list, "List 2"
  • Create 2 tasks items (with 2 different content types) in a task list "Task List 1"
  • Set this tasks items's field "List 2 Item ID" with the previously created item in "List 2" so a secondary workflow can pick up this field to update the -List2 Item- when tasks are completed.

With that first workflow, no problem.

The problem is : In the secondary workflow (that is bound to "Task list 1"), I cannot UPDATE the correct item in "List 2" because in the lookup stuff, SPD do not show the fields of the list (as it did in the first WF), instead it shows a list of a (generic i think) fields that seems to have no link with my Content types / list ! See below :

EDIT : links because I'm a newbie here, so I don't have the rights to add images :


So here's my questions :

  1. Why ?
  2. How to fix this ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! :)



EDIT : i found out the answer, but can't answer 'cause i'm a newbie here on StackOverflow... so here it is !

Ok I think I got it :

SPD didn't show anything because it filtered the types of the fields (to keep integrity). That seems wise, but as it is not possible to create "integer type" fields, it is impossible to seek for a ID stored in an item.

So here's the trick :

Link to the image, becaus I still can't post pictures : http://i.stack.imgur.com/Dvxun.png

  1. Create a STRING workflow variable, so you can add an activity to SET the variable to the string field ("ID Assesment" in my case)
  2. Change the type of the variable to LIST ITEM ID, so you can do n° 3 :
  3. select your variable in the lookup select filter !
  4. "Voilà !"

I guess we could call this "The badass sharepoint designer workflow lookup ID propaging trick" !

You're welcome ! Sash

PS : I wrote this answer, and lost it by a misclick on the right, then got it back when re-answering my question ! Thank you StackOverflow dudes ! You saved my day ! d(^____^)b

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