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    var gallerynr = 3;
    var thumbsnrA = new Array(gallerynr);

    var a = 0;
    var b = 0;
    var d = 0;

    for (d = 0; d == gallerynr; d++) {
        thumbsnrA[a] = 22;
        a ++;
        b ++;


Result (should be):


But my Result is:


What is wrong with the syntax of my code?

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You test is wrong.

for (d = 0; d < gallerynr; d++) {

is what you want

If you have

for (d = 0; d == gallerynr; d++) {

it only runs when d is 3 and it is not 3 from the beginning

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Your array variable is declared as thumbsnr, but you reference thumbsnrA later on in the code.

Edit - OK, so you've changed your code! There is a misplaced semi-colon after your loop - that could be throwing the error.

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yeah I saw that typo here after posting it - im sorry – Tomkay Apr 27 '11 at 13:55

You don't need a delimiter after the closing brace of the for loop, and if d!=gallerynr before the loop, then the for loop will never be entered.

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Your code is really bulky, and the stop-condition within the loop (d == gallerynr) should be d < gallerynr to get the desired result.

You could try it this way:

var gallerynr = 3,
    thumbsnrA = [],
    i = 0;
while( i++ < gallerynr ) {
alert(thumbsnrA); //=> 22,22,22
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