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We use GIT to manage our project.

Each project has a "core" (like a framework from who we'll built the project) So each project has at least 2 remotes branches:

  • 1 repository for that core framework.
  • 1 repository per client project.

We also have modules. Each module have a core that contain the basic functionnality, and we personnalize each module from that base for each client.

  • So we have submodules that are included in each client project
  • But I can't figure out how to handle the personnalization part of the submodules.

How can GIT help me if I want to add some new files in a submodule that must be used only in 1 particular client project ?

As thoses files are personnalized for the main project, the best case would be to commit some files contained inside the submodule in the client project branch, but it looks like I can't as each submodule are independent.

Ps.: We use SmartGit.

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This is a scenario where you can use git-subtree (merging)

If you made changes to the other project in your repository, they may want to merge from your project. This is possible using subtree — it can shift up the paths in your tree and then they can merge only the relevant parts of your tree.


The idea of the subtree merge is that you have two projects, and one of the projects maps to a subdirectory of the other one and vice versa. When you specify a subtree merge, Git is smart enough to figure out that one is a subtree of the other and merge appropriately — it’s pretty amazing.


But I suppose you want to use submodules and not move away from it.

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My only interest in submodule is because if we fix something in the core of a module, it's really easy to apply the change in every projects. – FMaz008 Apr 27 '11 at 14:33

I can't as each submodule are independent.

While it is true a submodule is "independent", since it has its own set of commits and branches as an individual repository, you still can define a client-project branch on said submodule.

That branch would be defined in your main client-project repo, as well as in the core submodule, in order to isolate changes specific to a client poroject done in both repos.
When you push back those changes done in the core submodules, you push them in a client-project branch whose name matches the name of the client branch used in your client parent repo.

So in short, a naming convention might help you isolate small specific changes done in a core submodule used and shared by many client-project repos.

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But the branches must be remote to be shared between all developper. So does that mean that I'll have to create 1 repository per submodule version for each client ? So if I use 10 submodules, I'll have to create 11 repositories to handle 1 project ? – FMaz008 Apr 27 '11 at 14:25
@FMaz008: "1 repository per submodule": a submodule is a repo already. If you are using 10 submodules in a project client, you are referencing them in your .submodules file. Each branches, created either in the parent repo or in one of the submodules, will be shared once pushed to their respective upstream repo. – VonC Apr 27 '11 at 14:39
Yes, that part I understand. So that confirm that I'll have to create as much repository as I'll have submodules for each project. – FMaz008 Apr 27 '11 at 15:16
@FMaz008: I am not sure what you mean by "creating a repo": they should already exist. What you will do is getting a local working directory filled with a parent repo, and recursively by all the submodules repo referenced by the parent repo. Each client project will use directly only one repo (a client-project repo) with in each of those references to all the core submodules you need. – VonC Apr 27 '11 at 16:01
What you described sound like my actual setup. But the problem is that when I modify something specific for the client 1 project in a submodule referenced in that project, it get pushed to the submodule repository. So when I go in the client2 project and pull, I get the specific modification :( . The problem: I'm unable to distinguish the Core from the Specifics. – FMaz008 Apr 28 '11 at 13:19

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