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I'm new to this forum and i'm kinda new to Selenium and everything around it. I'm a little familiar with Java, but i'm certainly not a pro

I know that there a threads like these, but still i haven't found my answer yet... Because some of them are in C# or .NET, ... .

I'm using Webdriver and HtmlUnitDriver because i don't want Selenium to pop up a browser. Everything has to be done in the background (don't wanna see anything, only 1 result (if everything went fine or not)).

Okay, that been said, here is the situation. I'm checking a website, and at some point i need to select an option from a drop down list (let's say the second option). But the problem is that this won't work...

Here is some code i'm using:

public class LoginLogout implements SeleniumTest{

    private WebDriver webDriver;

    public void setUp(String baseURL){
        webDriver = new HtmlUnitDriver();

    public void invoke(){
        // Login


    public void tearDown(){ 

Where i choose the FIRSTYEAR and LASTYEAR, that's where it's going wrong...

Can someone please help me out !!! It would be great that i get this to work (with your help)

Thanks in advance

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isSelected() will only tell you if the element is already selected or not, it won't actually set anything. I believe what you want to do is cast the WebElement to a Select object which provides methods for choosing select box items.

Select selectBox = (Select)webDriver.findElement("firstYear"));

You can also select by Index which I find more reliable in cases where I don't actually care which value is selected but want to ensure something is chosen.

selectBox.selectByIndex(0); // chooses first item.
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Thanks for your reply. when i tried -- Select selectBox = (Select)webDriver.findElement("firstYear")); selectBox.selectByValue("2008"); -- Eclipse underlines this part selectByValue and he says that "The method selectByValue(String) is undefined for the type select" what about that? – user727445 Apr 28 '11 at 9:18
First off, are you using Selenium 2? I assumed so because you're using WebDriver. Second make sure you're importing the correct Select class, should be – Jberg Apr 28 '11 at 17:00
Slightly different for me: Select selectBox = new Select(webDriver.findElement(; – Paul McKenzie Aug 3 '11 at 10:42

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