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i have a question about web designing.
there are some ways for design. CSS or Photoshop.
cSS is clear, my question is not about CSS, but about Photoshop design.
For example this

After design in photoshop when you save the work it makes sllices and converts your template to table cells and keeps each part of the picture in that cells..

but i know that nowdaystables are not usefull for web design, everybody use div and css..
so can u tell me how to export or how to use photoshop to design web pages with div.

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I would not use Photoshop for anything other than to create a screenshot-type of graphic that is close to what you are aiming to get to with your web page(s).

For the actual design, start by laying out all of the content in HTML (no CSS). Once all of the content is in there, then you can style the elements to get to the look you want. When styling, the only changes you should be making to the HTML should be to put in IDs and classes to hook your CSS onto. Adding style-oriented elements like <div> and <span> is OK, but should be limited.

Doing the design in this way ensures that you will have a more accessible site, increases the likelyhood of having a more compact site, and will also increase your appeal to search engines.

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Photoshop software is mainly used for creating layout designs (psd's).

Now a day's everybody using table less designs using div's, almost 80% of HTML pages creating using styles and css only in few areas we have to use graphics (logos, headings with different fonts, images like photography etc) which is not manageable with style and css in that cases we have to work in Photoshop and have to do save for web format as jpeg or png image formats then we have to use this images in html pages with using style sheets.

and mainly div based designs will work with supporting of style sheets everything the layout look and feel we will control with css styles and calling that css as a class names from div's.

Hope this answer will help you a bit.


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Photoshop is an application for manipulating imagery but it's also packed with tools for building graphics from scratch.In order to explore graphic design within a browser it was only logical to reach for Photoshop, create your visuals, save them as images and use them within a web page.

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