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Java: Static vs non static inner class

Hi guys,

What is a static inner class? what is the difference between static inner class between non-inner class?

And I have no concept about static inner class, can any one explain me?

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A static inner class is a class nested inside another class that has the static modifier. It's pretty much identical to a top-level class, except it has access to the private members of the class it's defined inside of.

class Outer {
    static class Inner1 {
    class Inner2 {

Class Inner1 is a static inner class. Class Inner2 is an inner class that's not static. The difference between the two is that instances of the non-static inner class are permanently attached to an instance of Outer -- you can't create an Inner2 without an Outer. You can create Inner1 object independently, though.

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A non-static nested class (or 'inner class') has full access to the members of the class within which it is nested. A static nested class does not have a reference to a nesting instance, so a static nested class cannot invoke non-static methods or access non-static fields of an instance of the class within which it is nested.

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