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I have view with several components on it. I use Linear layout with vertical orientation

When user unchecks some checkbox I need to hide one EditText and other components moves up


works well, but everything happens immediately and i want to do it slowly and animated

How can i do it in android?

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HI user, Refer My Blog, i had gave Detailed Explanation There Link –  Sankar Ganesh Apr 27 '11 at 14:52

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Create a TranslateAnimation, assign an AnimationListener to it and in onAnimationEnd() you should set the visibility of your EditText to View.GONE (or View.INVISIBLE, it depends on your needs) and do whatever you want when the animation has stopped.

Remember to assign the TranslateAnimation to the other components that should move up. In order to get your TranslateAnimation to move slowly, use android:duration in XML or Animation.setDuration() in code, with a defined value in milliseconds (maybe 500 milliseconds?).

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