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I have this latlng = db.GeoPtProperty() in app engine.

Given a lat long, how do I query the first 10 closer latlng without using any third party library?

Is there any nice documentation for me to refer?

Thanks in advance.

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Geospatial queries aren't supported natively by the datastore. There are userland implementations however, including geomodel, documented here.

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I don't believe this is natively supported yet. However, there is a talk at Google I/O 2011 on App Engine full text search (emphasis mine):

"At last we are adding a full text search service to App Engine. The upcoming service will be built on top of the very infrastructure used by Google. In addition to full text search queries we will also offer numeric, geo, date search capabilities, and much more. This session will cover the basic full text search API, briefly outline more advanced features, and how full text search ties to existing services such as datastore."

Stay tuned...

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2 years later... Has this been implemented? Haven't found anything yet. – pixelphantom Aug 17 '13 at 0:55

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