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How do I create a COM dll using Visual Studio 2008? What are the custom settings needed for creating the dll? That dll should be used in Microsoft Navision(ERP PACKAGE).

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Thank god you made it wiki :) ... – Shoban Feb 24 '09 at 7:22

Simply create a class library. In the project properties, open the dialog where you can change assembly information and mark the "Make assembly COM-visible" checkbox (sorry, don't know the exact name of the option, using German VS 2008).

Then, add the following attributes to any class that should be used from Navision:

public class ComVisbleClass

I suggest that you also manually assign Disp-IDs to the public methods and properties using the DispId attribute. Otherwise, inserting new public methods or properties may break Navision functionality, as the Disp-IDs may be changed upon compilation.

Navision would then refer to the old Disp-IDs which may now "point" to different methods. This is a PITA to debug and solve, so use the DispId attribute from the start.

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