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How can I change @INC permanently, without changing my scripts, in Strawberry Perl?

I'm aware of -I, but don't want to invoke that switch every time.

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This is a perlfaq: perldoc -q @inc – toolic Apr 27 '11 at 15:28
@toolic: Thanks, the question title was "How do I add a directory to my include path (@INC) at runtime?", so I figured it wasn't about my case. – Tim Apr 27 '11 at 15:38
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To prepend paths, set environment variable PERL5LIB to those paths.

Note: This will affect all installations of Perl you run when this is effect.

Howto: Right-click (My) Computer, Properties, Advanced, Environment Variables, (the top) New. You will probably have to restart already running consoles to get the change.

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Thanks, that environment variable is what I was looking for. – Tim Apr 27 '11 at 15:12

Alternatively you can use :

use lib /my/other/direcotry 


push (@INC , /my/other/direcotry)

to change the value of @INC.

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That would require me to edit my scripts or their invocations, though. – Tim Aug 14 '12 at 7:23

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