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I would like to extract pdf pages as png files to be manipulated in a image viewing module that I am writing. I originally used the ConvertPDF wrapper for ghostscript but it seems to be having trouble with multipage pdfs.

Update: It seemed like all roads ended up back at GS so I stuck with ConvertPDF.

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Easiest to use ImageMagick for that purpose, again a Ghostscript wrapper in the case of PDFs.

Either the command line can be used, or one of the wrapper libraries.

An example command line could be.

convert -density 300 mydocument.pdf[2] page-3.png

(Important to state image density (DPI) on PDF reads)

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Note, if you end up using the ImageMagick.Net wrapper, then this question might be of use regarding density. –  Orbling Apr 27 '11 at 15:11

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