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I have an array :

 $array= array(
        'Book1' => array('http://www.google.com', '45' ),
        'Book2' => array('http://www.yahoo.com', '46',
        'Book3' => array('http://www.excite.com', '47', )

and am trying to write a function where you can search and return an array with the $keys and $values intact. So if someone where to search "'Book1' , 'Book2' then they would get back an array :

$results = array( 'Book1' => array('http://www.google.com', '45' ), 'Book2' => array('http://www.yahoo.com', '46',))


$bookArray = array()
$bookDetailsarray = array();

$needles  = array('book1' , 'book2' ); 

   foreach ($needles as $needle) {

    foreach ($array as $key => $value) 

            if ($key == $needle) 
                array_push($BookArray, $key);
                array_push($bookDetailsarray, $value);
                array_push($bookArray, $bookDetailsarray);                                                          


This works, but on each iteration of the foreach it keeps adding the $bookDetailsaray to the $value. So it returns:

Book1 => [0]'Book1details' 
Book2 => [0]'Book1details' [1]'Book2details'
Book3 => [0]'Book1details' [1]'Book2details' [2] 'Book3details'

and so on.

I want to be able to do:

array_push($BookArray, $key=>$value);

but obviously thats not possible. Any ideas? Even if its just what array function I need .

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A slightly more efficient method to do your search using basic PHP functions rather than looping:

$searchArray = array( 'Book1' => array('http://www.google.com', '45' ),
                      'Book2' => array('http://www.yahoo.com', '46'),
                      'Book3' => array('http://www.excite.com', '47' )

$needles = array('Book1','Book3');

$searchResults = array_intersect_key($searchArray,array_flip($needles));


But note that it is case-sensitive


If you wanted a case-insensitive search, you could use array_intersect_ukey() instead, using a custom comparison to ignore the case of the keys.

function key_compare_func($key1, $key2) {
    $key1 = strtoupper($key1);
    $key2 = strtoupper($key2);

    if ($key1 == $key2)
        return 0;
    else if ($key1) > $key2)
        return 1;
        return -1;

$searchResults = array_intersect_ukey($searchArray, array_flip($needles), 'key_compare_func');


Using strcasecmp() can make the user-defined key comparison a lot simpler too.

function key_compare_func($key1, $key2) {
    return strcasecmp($key1,$key2);
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wow. That is tidy! Thanks – BobFlemming Apr 27 '11 at 15:29

Use this logic instead (although, I am not 100% what you want the last line to do?)

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