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I have an activity that lets users dynamically build layouts. It consists of a LinearLayout, a button to add a new LinearLayout and a button to save. Each time you click the button a new LinearLayout containing it's own button is created. Click that new button and a TextView is created inside that LinearLayout, etc.

I want users to be able to save and restore their layouts. So I'm thinking I can run through childviews and programmatically build an xml layout file, which I later setContentView(new.xml).

I'm using the guide here to write an xml file to an sd card. And basically, when I create a new LinearLayout I setTag("LinearLayout"), new Button... setTag("Button"), etc... for the xml tags. Then I run through the following for loops to create the xml.

for (int i = 2; i < mainLayout.getChildCount(); i++) {
   serializer.startTag(null, mainLayout.getChildAt(i).getTag().toString());
   for (int b = 1; b <= findViewById(mainLayout.getChildAt(i)).getChildCount(); b++) {
      serializer.startTag(null, findViewById(mainLayout.getChildAt(i)).getChildAt(b).getTag().toString());
      serializer.attribute(null, "android:text", findViewById(mainLayout.getChildAt(i)).getChildAt(b).getText().toString());
      serializer.endTag(null, findViewById(mainLayout.getChildAt(i)).getChildAt(b).getTag().toString());
   serializer.endTag(null, mainLayout.getChildAt(i).getTag().toString());

If you add 1 LinearLayout and add 1 TextView to that LinearLayout, it should ouput:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' standalone='yes' ?>
      <TextView android:text="the text"></TextView>

This doesn't seem like the best way to be doing it however. I'm curious if anybody knows whether or not this will actually work or if there is a better way?

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there exists a method to inflate layouts from an xmlpullparser, android.view.ViewGroup)


view inflation relies heavily on pre-processing of XML files that is done at build time. Therefore, it is not currently possible to use LayoutInflater with an XmlPullParser over a plain XML file at runtime.

so when you write the xml file to the memory card, it can not be inflated through, android.view.ViewGroup)

which requires the xml file to be pre-processed and packaged in the apk.

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