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I am trying to port some c++ code to my android application using NDK. But the c++ code involves calls to some pthread_rwlock functions which is absent in the libc provided with the NDK.

I have found implementations of these functions but including them, it asks for more header files and more implementations and the problem grows.

Does somebody have a solution to this.


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I stumbled over the same issue with NDK r5b where rwlock was in the header but not in the lib. In the latest r5c this seems resolved.

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yes I saw that, Thanks for letting me know! – Nishant Soni Jul 5 '11 at 19:18

Android's pthread implementation lacks read/write locks. You'll need to use standard locks instead. A work around may be to write some wrappers that simply use the standard locks. Another approach may be to use Android's atomic APIs to roll your own.

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Thanks NuSKooler, I finally tried to do the same. – Nishant Soni Apr 30 '11 at 6:17

Relevant items in the AOSP bug database:

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