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I have a listbox, a textbox, and a button. The button populates the textbox with the selected item & value of the listbox. As below:

Protected Sub GetVariables_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles GetVariables.Click
    Me.txtLetter.Text = lstNames.SelectedItem.ToString & lstNames.SelectedValue.ToString
End Sub

The problem I have, is that when doing this it reloads the page each time. Any way around this?

Thanks, Jason

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There are two options.

  1. Set the value in the textbox using javascript on the client.

  2. Use ajax.

For this type of extremely simple thing, use javascript.

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You can use Javascript to do this. Textboxes are given a Client ID by ASP.NET when they are outputted to the web browser. You'll need that ID to be able to make changes to the textbox - the Client ID translates to the id property of the HTML element.

There's a number of ways of doing it, one of which is to create a hidden HTML field containing the [yourtextboxname].ClientID property. You can then use Javascript to read in the value of the hidden field, and select the element and do stuff with it.

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