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I have the following scenario:

class InterfaceA;
class InterfaceB;
class InterfaceC;

class InterfaceA
  virtual void foo(InterfaceC&) = 0;

class InterfaceB
  virtual void bar() = 0;

class InterfaceC
  virtual void bla() = 0;

// MOCKs

class MockA : public InterfaceA
    MOCK_METHOD0(foo, void(InterfaceC&));

class MockB : public InterfaceB
    MOCK_METHOD0(bar, void());

class ImplC : public InterfaceC
    ImplC(InterfaceA& a, Interface& b) : m_a(a), m_b(b) {}

    void doSomething() {

    virtual void bla()

MockA mockA;
MockB mockB;

EXPECT_CALL(mockA, foo());

ImplC impl(mockA, mockB);

impl.doSomething(); // will call foo on mockA

In case doSomething is invoked, foo will be called on MockA. How can I trigger an invocation of the method bla, in case foo will be invoked? Is it somehow possible to create an expectation like:

EXPECT_CALL(mockA, foo()).WillOnce(Invoke(impl.bla()));


I hope the answer is clear and the example too.

Thanks in advance. Mart

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EXPECT_CALL(mockA, foo()).WillOnce(InvokeWithoutArgs(&impl, &ImplC::bla));

Should work. If you have to pass more complex parameters, use boost::bind (notice the different order of the class instance and method in the parameter list):

EXPECT_CALL(mockA, foo())
    .WillOnce(Invoke(boost::bind(&ImplC::bla, &impl, other_params)));

And if foo() is given some parameters that should be passed into bla(), use WithArgs:

EXPECT_CALL(mockA, foo(Lt(1), _))
    .WillOnce(WithArgs<0>(Invoke(&impl, &ImplC::bla)));

Also take a look at the Google Mock Cheat Sheet wiki page - it provides more information about function- and method calling actions.

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Thank you very much Vlad. That's what I was looking for. I have read the Cookbook of gmock, but the CheatSheet is more compact and better. Thanks again. –  Martin Apr 28 '11 at 8:59

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