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I have a ROO project, and I am developing it in Intellij, it would be handy if I could hide all the aspect files (.aj) from the module view tree. Anybody know how? or if it is possible at all?

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Jim's answer will work, however I did notice that the *_Roo_*.aj files also no longer show up in the VCS changes window, nor in the list of files when committing a change. As long as you realize that fact and use command-line for your VCS operations instead of IntelliJ, then everything should be fine. –  GKrasnow Apr 30 '13 at 17:36

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The above answer (changing configuration in settings) caused all the methods provided by aj can't be detected by Intellij and causing error here and there. Configuring a new scope seems to be a better answer.

Use "Edit Scopes" in your Project sidebar setting (found in Settings -> Project Settings -> Scopes) Add a new scope, e.g. "Non-Roo" with pattern like "!*_Roo_*"

Then you can switch between the two scopes to show/hide the Roo files.

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Settings -> File Types -> Ignore files and folders (at the bottom)

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I did that and it didn't work for me. I use IntelliJ 10.5 –  priyatam Oct 6 '11 at 14:07
This will prevent Aspects from Roo ITDs to compile in IDEA –  Luka Klepec Jun 16 '14 at 7:53

To prevent filtering out non-Roo managed aspects, follow Timofei's navigation instructions

Settings -> File Types -> Ignore files and folders (at the bottom)

and add *_Roo_*.aj; to the end of the list.

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