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I have an XML file that looks like this:

            <title>title 1</title>
            <title>LABEL 1</title>
            <title>title 2</title>
            <title>LABEL 2</title>
            <title>title 3</title>

I'm using SimpleXML and I need to do a foreach on the combined list of 'item' and 'label' nodes, ignoring the rest of the 'channel' children.

I was using:

foreach($feed->channel->item as $item) { }

...and labels were added as:

<item type="label">
    <title>LABEL 1</title>

...but the consumer of the file I'm building is expecting the node for labels.


As the question didn't get posted (need a title!) and I found the answer on my own in the meantime here's what I did:

/* Search for items and labels */
$result = $iFeed->xpath('channel/*[name()="item" or name()="label"]');

foreach($result as $item) {
   // boom
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I think you can also use the | operator. This combines the results of multiple XPath queries.

$result = $root->xpath('channel/item|channel/label');

It looks like it also preserves the ordering of the nodes, so the nodes are returned in this order: "item, label, item, label, item" (as opposed to "item, item, item, label, label").

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Confirmed. My XML is a lot more complicated than this, and sorting is being done via XSLT, but this is cleaner. Thanks! –  ropadope Apr 27 '11 at 17:27

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