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I have a simple vfp project with one program (ppp), and one form (ppp). The form is an empty form, and the progran contains this:



READ events

I build the project to an .exe using the project manager and no errors appear, and I can execute the .exe from the main FoxPro window without any problem.

However, when I double-click the exe from Windows nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

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By default the ShowWindow property of a form is set to 0 - In Screen. This means that the form is shown in the main VFP screen. However, _screen.visible=.F. hides the screen so you can't see the VFP screen, or your form.

You can set _screen.visible=.T., but you'll see the main VFP screen, with your form in it, which you may not want.

You can also set the ShowWindow property of your form to 2 - As Top-Level Form, which means it will display outside the VFP screen and on the windows taskbar. In that case, you'll still see your form even if you hide the VFP screen with _screen.visible=.f.

ShowWindow property

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For some reason this didn't work, even if I set _streen.visible to .T. and ShowWindow as 2 the form doesn't open unless I open it from the main VFP window. – Martín Fixman Apr 30 '11 at 20:45
It's hard to know what the problem is without seeing your project. You can try setting the WindowType of your form to 1 - Modal, which means that it will block execution of your main program until the form is released. Just make sure you have a button on the form that calls Thisform.Release() to close the form. – Chris Vesper May 2 '11 at 16:15

You need vfp9r.dll and vfp9renu.dll in the exe path unless you have vfp installation.

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I have to learn VFP because I want to move to my company's development sector and they have some products written in VFP, eventually I got stuck into this problem too. But I found the way to do it properly.

You need to initialize the event processing loop like this.



[Note] Sorry about my bad english, I am Brazilian.

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