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I have created a quiz application. I want to generate a random question. The questions come from Core Data. When view didAppear is called I store the question in an array and display it by a display question method. But i want to display the questions randomly without repeating any question, and every question will display. How can I do this ?

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Just trying to get a feel for your post here...How are the questions stored in Core Data? Is there a way you can easily say "I want question X"? –  SomeRandomGuy Apr 27 '11 at 17:44

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You should copy your questions in an tmp array and each time a question is randomly picked by a random function (eg : int r = arc4random() % [myArray count];) you delete its entrance from the tmp array.

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You need to shuffle the array. Look here:

canonical way to randomize an NSArray in Objective C

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