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please i got errors when i try to read the content of a variable in view2 which was initialized in view1, i explain :

view1 is named RechercherViewController

view2 is named StationsSurLaCarteViewController

RechercherViewController.h :

@property (nonatomic,copy) NSString *typeCarburantChoisi;

RechercherViewController.m :

@synthesize typeCarburantChoisi;


#import "RechercherViewController.h"

@interface StationsSurLaCarteViewController : UIViewController {
IBOutlet AideStationsSurLaCarteViewController *aideStationsSurLaCarteViewController;
    IBOutlet UITextField *textField;



- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

when building the app, i got actually two errors :

error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'StationsSurLaCarteViewController'


error: accessing unknown 'typeCarburantChoisi' class method

thx for help :)

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First of all you have defined an instance property typeCarburantChoisi but in your StationsSurLaCarteViewController.m code you are trying to access kind of a class property (btw, there is no such thing in Objective-C). You will instead need a reference to your RechercherViewController instance and ask it for the property – this will resolve the second compiler error.

Regarding the first error I am not really sure what happened here. Maybe you have an error in your RechercherViewController.h file?
In any case, you should rather not import the interface file into StationsSurLaCarteViewController.h. Instead, use

@class RechercherViewController;

and import the full declaration in your implementation file StationsSurLaCarteViewController.m only.

Also, did you mix up AideStationsSurLaCarteViewController and RechercherViewController in your example?

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