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Ok, bear with me folks, the setup on this one is long.

I have a simple page. It loads an iframe. Inside that iframe is a form. I want the form inside the iframe to interact with the parent page via jQuery.

This works correctly in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. See for yourself here:


However, in Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9, it does not work. The load event fires, but jQuery cannot get a handle on elements inside the iframe.

I'm using the second 'context' argument of the jQuery function to set the context of the selector, like this: var form = $('#myform'), this.contentDocument)

Here's what is batty. Using the F12 Developer Tools in IE9, I can set a breakpoint in my JavaScript and look at how IE is evaluating the JavaScript. If I hover over this, I can see that it does have a contentDocument property. BUT, if I hover over this.contentDocument, it tells me it's undefined.

Shows up as defined

Shows up as undefined

Because it's undefined, the jQuery selector returns no elements. Again, this is only in IE. And the IFRAME is on the same domain, so it's not a same-origin issue.

Any pointers?

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Have you tried contentWindow? See stackoverflow.com/questions/1477547/… –  Roatin Marth Apr 27 '11 at 18:32
@Roatin Marth - yes, this.contentWindow.document fixes everything. Can you post that as an answer so you can get the rep you rightfully deserve? –  Portman Apr 27 '11 at 18:37

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Not to trample on Roatin's answer, but this issue can also be fixed by specifying a DOCTYPE declaraction. Internet Explorer 8 and over require it for contentDocument. Otherwise, as he said, contentWindow can be used (for earlier versions of IE, too). See the information at W3Schools.

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