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I am using a EVB for siemens MC45 GSM modem. Itried to send At commands to it via serial port with Hyperterminal in windows (both Xp and 7). But the hyperterminal window is showing that I am connected but when I type something it doesnot show my writings. and no response from the GSM modem is received.

What Can I do ?

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The problem is with your hyper terminal settings when you are connecting with the modem. Use these settings: Baud rate:9600 data bits:8 stop bits:1 parity bits: none flow control:none Should work now. Also check whether you are communicating with the correct port

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Have you configured the hyperterminal session properly? I think you will probably need to set it up as follows:

  • BaudRate 19200
  • Databit 8
  • No Parity
  • Stopbit 1
  • No Flow control
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