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Problem Background:

I have a NSOutlineView with every tableColumn binded programmatically to the NSTreeController's arrangedObjects so there is no need to bind selectionIndexPaths. The source of NSTreeController's arrangedObjects is a mutableArray. I'm adding all nodes to the NSTreeController dynamically by performing - (void)insertObject:(id)object atArrangedObjectIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath; on main thread. I have overridden NSOutlineView's mouseDown event in the way like: - (void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)event { /*...myMethods...*/ [super mouseDown:event]; }

The Problem:

When the nodes are being added very fast and I perform the mouseDown event on the outlineView, then very often the next situation takes place:

the thread that adds nodes to TreeController interrupts the sequence (I guess) called by mouseDown event so insertObject: atArrangedObjectIndexPath: is called before then setSelectionIndexPaths:. That's why the new selection in outlineView disappears and treeController still has the old version of selectedIndexPaths.

I've tried one partial solution: blocked my insertObject: method (with @synthesized(outlineView)) so that it couldn't change the entire of outlineView, but it often rises in thread conflict and app freezes.

Are there any ideas how to solve the problem with disappearing selections?

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Synchronize the statements within the datasource update thread with the main-event-loop GCD thread. This way, mouseDown event handling and datasource updating get fully serialized:

dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
  // data source update goes here
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