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I am trying to get a cronjob in CakePHP work. But I am getting this error: Error: Class TestingShell could not be loaded.

Here is my /app/vendors/shells/testing.php file:

class TestingShell extends Shell    {
var $uses = array('Test');
function main(){
    $this->out('Number of tests :');
        $this->out('test deleted'); 
        $this->out('test not deleted'); 


I am calling the cronjob like this: /home/root/public_html/site/cake/console/cake -app /home/root/public_html/site/app testing

What am I doing wrong? Thank you very much!

EDIT I must add that, locally, the shell works fine.

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Check out this bug report -- this was my problem.

Rolling back to 1.3.7 was the quick fix.

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You are golden! Thank you very much! Now it works! However, it still gives me an error, TERM environment variable not set., but it does its job. Why is it throwing this error? And also, why isn't the 1.3.8 version working? How can it be resolved? Will I be able to make updates to Cake in future or will I face again this odd behaviour with the cronjob not working? – Andrei Horak Apr 28 '11 at 13:53
I believe they already fixed it in the development branch. I would expect 1.3.9 to work fine. The TERM environment thing is unrelated. – Dan May 8 '11 at 0:46

have a look at this, you may also need the added shell script

you also have the params wrong way round, its

1 * * * * cake/path scritp params -app app/path

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I am not following that tutorial. I guided upon this: . Anyway, I have tried this /home/root/public_html/site/cake/console/cake testing -app /home/root/public_html/site/app and it still doesn't work...the same error. I am quite a newbie to all cronjob/Linux/command line stuff, so I really don't get what is going wrong. But since it gives me that error, I believe the script found that it should be a TestingShell class somewhere (based on the testing command I wrote), but it couldn't find it. – Andrei Horak Apr 27 '11 at 20:54

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