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I am creating a word teacher:

I created a database with multiple tables:

TblTheme (themeId, name);<br>
TblGroup (groupId, name, themeIdFK);<br>
TblWeek (weekId, week, groupIdFK);<br>
tblWord (wordId, word, weekIdFK);<br>

So themeIdFK, groupIdFK and weekIdFK are Foreign keys.

In PHP i want to show all the themes. If a theme is pressed, show all the groups etc.. What classes should i create. (like classes Theme, group, week and word) and what is the best way to retrieve the data, without overloading the database?

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First of all , if column holds same data , then it should have the same name:

Themes (theme_id, name);
Groups (group_id, name, theme_id);

Then when you create JOIN , you can write it as

   Themes.name AS theme,
   Groups.name AS group
FROM Themes 
LEFT JOIN Groups USING theme_id

As for you original question : I would go with classes :

  • Teacher - that would be your MVC model
  • Word - used by model, holds you daily word and some additional info about it
  • WordMapper - responsible for storing and retrieving instances of Word class

Basically this setup would implement DataMapper pattern.

There is no point in making a class per table, because the additional tables are only holding info about the Words. At lest that's how i see it.

Though, I'm not so sure if you need to make a complex App, just for making word-of-day thing .. maybe only as exercise.

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Thats very clear, it will be a rather complex app. So what your saying it is best to store the theme, group and week data in the word class? Thanks! –  Oritm Apr 27 '11 at 20:32
The database storage and application logic are completely different systems. From application's point of view "theme", "group" and "day" are only constraints for choosing the word [ $word = new Word; $mapper = new WordMapper; $mapper->had_group('foobar')->load( $word ); ]. They are not acting like full entities. –  tereško Apr 28 '11 at 1:16
Dear person who downvoted, but did not have enough guts to leave a comment: could you explain, please, what is wrong wit this answer? –  tereško Sep 16 '13 at 22:49

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