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I'm testing my plugin by running it in-process like this:

  type PluginMessage = StoreReporter#Info
  def runPlugin(fileName: String): List[PluginMessage] = {
    val settings = new Settings 
    settings.outputDirs setSingleOutput (curDir + "/target")
      "project/boot/scala-" + scalaVersion + "/lib/scala-compiler.jar" +
      ":project/boot/scala-" + scalaVersion + "/lib/scala-library.jar"))
    val reporter = new StoreReporter
    val compiler = new Global(settings, reporter) {
      override protected def computeInternalPhases() {
        for (phase <- new AlacsPlugin(this).components)
          phasesSet += phase
    (new compiler.Run).compile(List(testPrefix + fileName))

However, given the slow speed of scalac I'd really like for compilation to end after a certain phase (specifically, after my plugin runs). Unfortunately Global.cancel doesn't have the intended effect. How might I do this?

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scalac has an argument explicitly for this purpose. As of 2.9.0.RC2 you can specify at the command line:


And in earlier versions:


To do the equivalent directly from a Settings instance, this is defined as stopAfter (or stop in earlier versions)

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This is a really good answer, but I wonder if there's a way to pull this off in 2.8.0/1 since those are the versions most plugins are targetting at the moment. –  Yuvi Masory Apr 30 '11 at 16:36
I believe that -Ystop was present in 2.8. I wasn't just referring to earlier versions only within 2.9.x –  Kevin Wright May 1 '11 at 0:11

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