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I use Symfony (v1.4) debug toolbar a lot for troubleshooting and optimizing things. One part of it continues to puzzle me and I haven't found a description anywhere online.

The Timers section includes a % time column which seems horribly inaccurate. Adding the things there nearly always results in a total that is way over 100%. Once I had a result that was about 500%. Is this just a bug or is it a percentage of something other than it seems to imply? Thanks.

Here's a screenshot of a typical result for me:

Screenshot of Timer output

edit: Also, I have seen some results where adding all the time(%) column is significantly LESS than 100%.

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I'd guess that some partials include other partials' execution times.

i.e. _list_td_tabular and list_th_tabular are both part of _list's execution.

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Thanks. I thought of that too, and in the screenshot I gave, that may be the answer. I have to look for a better (actually worse) example because I saw some before where that didn't seem to explain it. –  jweible Apr 27 '11 at 20:07
I accepted your answer because I currently can't find one of those examples that defies your explanation. Since I've been running the development (trunk) version of Symfony it's possible that it was a transient problem with an earlier release. –  jweible Apr 28 '11 at 13:33

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